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Our unique way of looking at commercial real estate allows us to bring together the analytical (left brain) and creative (right brain) sides of the industry. Although the two sides function differently, they work together and complement each other to provide long-reaching results for our clients.  

Examples of client successes:

  • Increased NOI from $630,000 to $930,00 in three years at 173,000 SF office complex.

  • Increased CAM collections from $1,600 to $83,000 annually, resulting in additional revenue of $345,636 in 3 years.

  • Increased CAM collections from $93,000 to $286,000, resulting in additional revenue of $900,500 in 3 years.

  • Increased net income by $560,000 at one property and $535,000 at another in 3 years.

  • Increased the ending bank balance at one property from $40,000 in 2016, to $75,700 in 2017, to $160,600 in 2017. 

  • Increased department profitability for a local management company by more than 20% by efficiently reorganizing personnel assignments and designating specific teams to specific properties, which also increase tenant satisfaction.

  • Closed 18 new leases valued at over $400,000 and negotiated the sale of the first property to an existing tenant. 

  • Increased NOI by an average 21%. Implemented savings through effective vendor negotiations, adding service without raising costs.

  • Successfully negotiated loan work outs and worked with local appraisers to determine the best return on assets, resulting in sale of all properties within 3 years at current appraised value.

  • Successfully worked with lenders and investors to resolve operating and tenant issues during a time of high vacancy.

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